Letter to the editor: Recent letter to Herald requires a response

The problem of human-induced climate change is a tough one.

Letter to the editor FSA

To the editor,

Bernie Uran’s recent letter (Nov. 17: “ Letter didn’t address reality ”) to the Herald says many incorrect and silly things. Some deserve a response. In particular, it is important to correct Uran’s suggestion that wind and solar are not good sources of electricity.

Uran says that wind energy causes pollution because after turbines wear out they must be disposed of. This nonsensical idea is true of all equipment used to generate electricity, including equipment at coal plants. In fact, it is true of all products that we in America use for anything. Burning coal, which Uran favors, however, causes air pollution because coal burning releases carbon dioxide, toxics, and other compounds into the atmosphere. Producing wind and solar power does not produce air pollution.

The letter also says that solar panels are of no value during the winter. This is completely wrong. Minnesota, the state where the letter writer lives, has almost 100 solar farms that generate electricity year-round, and many homeowners rely on their own solar panels for electricity during the winter.

The letter says that solar panels contain toxins, but let’s be fair, and acknowledge that coal ash is very toxic and causes many short term health problems, as well as longer term liver damage, kidney damage, cardiac arrhythmia, and a variety of cancers.


Mr. Uran also says that using solar and wind energy will drive the cost of electricity to “shockingly high values.” But this has not happened anywhere that those green power sources are being used.

The problem of human-induced climate change is a tough one. And it is not helpful when people write letters that make absurd and inaccurate claims.

Sue Leake, Emerado, ND

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