Letter to the editor: Appreciation for all health care workers during these difficult times

Steven Weiser, MD, president of Altru Health System

While it sometimes feels like there’s a “day” for everything, I think many would agree that National Doctors’ Day (March 30) is one worth acknowledging – and perhaps never more so than right now.

As our community continues to navigate this challenging time, I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for not only Altru’s team of physicians, nurses and staff, but all health care workers across the country.

In the best of times, they are the ones healing wounds, saving lives and delivering comfort and relief to those who need it most. And now, while we are being told to stay home in order to stay safe, they are still going to work every day, putting the safety and health of others above their own, and working tirelessly to develop protocols and treatments that will improve outcomes for patients.

I have said before that those who choose health care as a profession do so out of a sense of responsibility and passion for the wellbeing of others, and situations like this certainly bring that to life. I want to thank each and every one of these individuals from the bottom of my heart. Their sacrifice, dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed.

Now more than ever, all of us at Altru remain committed to this community and to providing the high level of care that you expect and deserve. Our physicians, nurses and staff continue to have one very important thing in common: a relentless drive to deliver exceptional care to every patient in every location throughout our region. We are proud to be your regional health care provider, and proud to be a part of this community. Together, we will get through these uncertain times and come out even stronger in the end.


With thanks and wishes of good health to all.

Dr. Steven Weiser

Steven Weiser is president of Altru Health System.

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