Letter: State should create hard rules for masks

Letter to the editor FSA

When the pandemic hit, my wife and I self-isolated because I have an autoimmune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis. When a national box store in our town had their employees wear masks and went on a disinfection protocol we started to get our own groceries and supplies. We wore masks. They are like glasses. You really don’t want to wear them all the time but they are in place when you need them.

A couple of weeks ago I was in the store wearing a mask, as they request all customers to do. They even provide them at the door. Four college-age boys came in laughing and one said “See I told you none of these jokers would tell us to wear a mask.” I said “Could you wear a mask, I have an autoimmune disease?” His response was, “It ain’t the law old man. So don’t even try to do anything.”

Thanks a lot for nothing Gov. Burgum. When you live in a small community and people don’t follow rules and disregard guidelines, we need added protection. We’ve had the pandemic race through a business and infect all the employees so they had to shut down.

I applaud the cities whose mayors and councils have put in mask-wearing mandates and social distancing guidelines. The governor needs to activate the National Guard to assist businesses, stores and cities in seeing that the mandates are followed. My mother would say “the governor has no gumption.”

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