Letter: Reexamine priorities with the US budget

With the 2022 tax deadline behind us, let's see how our tax dollars are to be spent in 2023.

Letter to the editor FSA

With the 2022 tax deadline behind us, let's see how our tax dollars are to be spent in 2023. Fifty percent of the $1.7 trillion “Discretionary Budget” will go to the Dept. of Defense and the other 21 departments/agencies must split the rest. For example:

Defense: $858 billion

Health and Human Services: $127 billion

Education: $88 billion

Justice: $38 billion


Labor: $15 billion

U.S. Military spending will exceed the annual spending of the next 10 countries combined. With only 5% of the world’s population, U.S. taxpayers will pay for 50% of the total world’s military spending. This is unconscionable! Russia (adversary) spends 49 billion and ranks 8 in military spending.

The impact of military spending on vital needs are: The US ranks #1 in military spending but is the only industrial country in the world without universal healthcare and is currently ranked 37th in quality of health care. The privatized, for-profit health care system in the US is a disgrace. No resident in the US should be in a position, when needing medical care, to agonize if they can afford it or not! Nearly 45,000 Americans of working age die each year from lack of health insurance.

The US ranks #1 in the world in military spending but 32nd in the world in literacy, 31st in math, and 23rd in science…in all the industrialized countries in the world. The US ranks #1 in military spending but 17th in life expectancy and 29th in infant mortality.

It is a fact that by cutting military spending by $80 billion (10%) we could provide affordable housing, rebuild our educational system, provide free college tuition and meet our vital health care needs.

Patriotism is not just about military defense/weaponry. It is also about respect and love of country, its health, people, land, air and water and its future. Climate must be the issue – the priority.

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