Letter: Questions for the American voter

The last time I looked at the Constitution elected officials and bureaucrats are supposed to be working for the good of the people.

Letter to the editor FSA

Some trivia questions for the American voter:

  • Why do Democrats and the media refer to extreme liberals as “progressives” instead of using the correct term “socialists?”

  • How can the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security or President Biden issue an order that directs Border Patrol to not arrest illegal aliens for crossing the border illegally?

  • Regarding executive orders, the favorite action used by presidents from both parties: What happened to the old axiom "the president proposes and Congress disposes?” If one person (the president) can do it all by issuing executive orders, what do we need Congress for?

  • Regarding presidential 'monuments:' Why do we need to erect a 'monument' to a recent president that will cost over $500 million? When President Truman left office he drove himself and Bess back to Missouri, he bought the stamps to mail his replies to letters, he declined to lend his name to any business or endeavor saying, "I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable," he later wrote, "that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency."

The life of a former president wasn’t always so cushy. Until 1959, retiring chief executives got precisely nothing in the way of retirement benefits: No Secret Service protection, no administrative support, and certainly no money and no “monuments” (oops, make that presidential libraries).

  • Why does the current president nominate people who advocate destroying our private banking system and force everyone to bank through the Federal Reserve?

  • Why does the current bill being considered by Congress authorize hiring thousands of additional IRS agents whose main purpose will be to track private financial transactions over $600 in private bank accounts?

  • Why are federal judges allowed to issue rulings on cases affecting states thousands of miles from their office?

  • Why are bureaucrats in federal agencies allowed to issue rules that have not been approved by our elected representatives? Recently a Department of Justice assistant AG decided that parents protesting actions by their local school boards should be labeled “domestic terrorists.”

The last time I looked at the Constitution elected officials and bureaucrats are supposed to be working for the good of the people.
Mike Connor, Devils Lake

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