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Letter: Proposed Corn mill a negative for all of North Dakota

With the possible creation of a corn mill in Grand Forks we will lose the spirit of what North Dakota means.

Letter to the editor FSA
We are part of The Trust Project.

The quality of life we have had in North Dakota is what makes it great to live here. We honor working hard and making a living, family, and religion. With the possible creation of a corn mill in Grand Forks we will lose the spirit of what North Dakota means.

First of all the citizens of Grand Forks have lost their ability to petition the city government, which is protected in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The city council and mayor are not representing the people and should be recalled. When citizens are exercising their rights there should be no intimidation as to what occurred with the Grand Forks Police showing up at the citizen’s home.

North Dakota is a friendly state, and neighbors cooperate with each other. China’s ruthlessness in persecuting its citizens over religious rights and human rights does not need to be documented. It has been common knowledge for several generations. The CCP-owned plant will ignore western customs and not make the neighbor that other communities in our state welcome. It will serve as a cover for the CCP to steal secrets and technologies from our military bases, sacrificing national security. Besides the base at Grand Forks, we have another military base in the state, Minot Air Force Base, that could be compromised.

Economically, it will be too expensive for agricultural centers of corn growers to market the corn to a mill in North Dakota. The price of diesel fuel, and the shortage of truck drivers, along with extensive regulations in interstate transportation, will make the mill unprofitable.

We have a great life in North Dakota now, I urge everyone to contact their state legislators, and governor to stop the proposed Chinese corn mill. Let’s stress “Made in North Dakota,” not “invite our enemies to infiltrate North Dakota.”


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