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Letter: Potter’s intention must be considered

The prosecution in the Kim Potter trial argued that consequence was the issue, not the intent. To that I say a resounding “no!”

Letter to the editor FSA

“I could be wrong.” That is an observation that so many analysts and so-called experts will not admit to.

The prosecution in the Kim Potter trial argued that consequence was the issue, not the intent. To that I say a resounding “no!”

If someone points a gun at someone and pulls the trigger, at that point in time they intend to kill. They miss or the gun misfires. Serendipity. They got lucky. To me, they are no less guilty than if the killing had occurred. Ask the would-be victim. Feel OK?

Alec Baldwin (someone I detest), points a gun and pulls the trigger (in spite of what he says) and kills.

Anyone think Alec Baldwin will be convicted of first or second degree manslaughter? Really! Manslaughter. What is this? Benign or callous indifference.


How many hunting deaths are there every year?

My mother’s cousins, two brothers, had hunted together for more than 30 years. Well, one of them, while hunting, shot and killed his brother. Negligence? (Remember Dick Cheney?)

He wasn’t careful enough. The brother was so grief-stricken that his health deteriorated and died shortly afterward. Should he have been charged with manslaughter? The word itself has obvious connotations.

In the Kim Potter case, her intentions were for the good. Helping her fellow officers. Put yourself in her shoes if you dare. Do it. So much for good intentions.

How many have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. I have, attempting to avoid an accident.

I am so disgusted with self-righteous indignation. It has become an art form. Minneapolis has become an example of a cowardly one.

In the words of Peter Abelard: “It is the intention, not the deed, wherein the merit or praise of the doer consists.”

Ron Schmidt, Tolna, N.D.

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