Letter: People are going overboard with overreaction

It seems to be that society has gone overboard with people being offended at the least little thing.

Letter to the editor FSA

Having family in the Grand Forks area, but graduating from a high school in Rose Hill, Kan., whose mascot was (and still is called the Rockets), I read the Grand Forks Herald article: "Minnesota school's 'Rebel' mascot to change after petition compares it to Confederate soldier" (April 3 issue).

It seems to be that society has gone overboard with people being offended at the least little thing. In reality, I think most 2-year-old children can be rebellious, or a rebel, but I don't make any comparisons between either normal toddlers, "the troublesome twos," nor a school-mascot with any soldier, yet alone the now defunct Confederate States of America which surrendered 165 years ago.

With my own school having the mascot of the Rose Hill Rockets, I tend to think more of NASA's Houston Rockets, either the Apollo moon rockets or the sports team bearing the same name. I don't envision rockets, as in rockets launched from Beirut, Lebanon.

I wish grown adults could holster their thin-skinned trait of being offended over nothing. If this nation is to heal, let's try to refrain from over-reaching and playing the victim card of being offended. Mascots, in a school-sporting context, are simply catchy nicknames to cheer on. Let's be more complimentary.

James A. Marples, Longview, Texas

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