Letter: On Dec. 7, 1941, a new reality dawned

Rather he, the North Dakotan farmer, will be declaring war against the empire of Japan.

Letter to the editor FSA
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The North Dakota farmer and his wife are off to church. “You know Martha, with things as rough as they are, we sure have been blessed by God. We've done good. We still got the farm. Our kids are growin’. The twins are two years out of high school, Mike is graduatin’ next year, and Bill the next. I know we are blessed. We've now got a chance. What a day for this family, what a glorious day!”

Many hours away, in the very early hours of the Pacific, most of what has happened in those lands so far from North Dakota now sit ready on decks of the Combined Japanese Fleet's carrier decks. The pilots and all the crews of the Combined Fleet have finished their early morning breakfasts. The pilots are now going to the shrine of the God they follow, seeking his blessing for the Emperor, the empire, their families, and for the work of this coming day. This day has a mission and a purpose.

Driving into the church yard, a neighbor of our North Dakota farmer excitedly runs up to the arriving couple's car and says, “Did you hear, Ben? Those three sections just north of you finally got sold and they got full price.” Smiling broadly, the North Dakota farmer looks to his wife and says, “See, I told ya, Martha. I'm goin' to that banker tomorrow and I am goin’ to talk to him. We're making it.”

As the North Dakotan climbs the steps into his place of worship, all the carriers of the Combined Japanese Fleet are now ordered to "turn into the wind." Little does the North Dakota farmer know that on Monday, he will not be meeting with the banker. Rather he, the North Dakotan farmer, will be declaring war against the empire of Japan.

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