Letter: Not impressed by moral superiority

Letter to the editor FSA

To hear some people, the wearing of face masks is the mark of vivid responsibility. It’s worn like a badge, “Look at me.” Have to do better than that.

It reminds me of a gentleman I once knew who was always insistent on buckling the seat belt. Never mind the fuzz buster and driving 70 mph on gravel roads and sometimes on medications that led to sleeping at the wheel. Just because you wore a mask doesn’t give you the license to engage in other reckless behavior.

The hands! Wash the hands and keep them clean. Constant fiddling with masks and then touching anything and everything. Why do you suppose medical staff wear gloves? Door knobs, steering wheels and the activity at checkout counters.

Wearing a mask is key, yet I’m becoming tired of sanctimonious prattling by those who, just because they wear a mask, they now have done their sacred duty. I’m not impressed. Your moral superiority is cloth or paper thin. Think about it.

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