Letter: No place here for toxic nationalism

Letter to the editor FSA

We have a problem with nationalism, and it stems from the poison apple at the top. “America First” has become such a proud mentality for so many, but all that glitters is not gold.

Nationalism shouldn’t be confused with patriotism. Patriotism, or pride in one’s country is not the same as nationalism, the belief that one’s country is superior, with all else being inferior. Patriots want progress for our country, but nationalists see progress as an insult to a country that could never do wrong. This tradeoff has caused other, very important values to be cast off as cumbersome.

Justice is less important with nationalism at the forefront. Evidence is routinely sidelined so as to promote the leader’s image as keeping America great and that all other countries are abominable. Intelligence is also unimportant, because embracing science would contradict the narrative spun thus far regarding climate, COVID, and (windmill) cancer. We have no room for intelligence, if our nation might look inept. There’s a saying about ignorance...

Acceptance has taken a backseat as well. We no longer accept those that are different from us, but see them as a threat to disrupting the norm. When prioritizing values, nationalism dictates that acceptance becomes obsolete. Integrity and compassion are now considered weaknesses. Children being kept in cages is regarded as national strength and putting America first. We have to separate these families and have to sterilize the women, to show how tenacious we are in refusing others’ needs and basic measures of humanity. We never give in to these drug-dealing kids’ cries!

If nationalism is our main tenet, we see everything and everyone else as an enemy. This toxic mentality should have no place here. Nationalism focuses on the domain, but patriotism focuses on the people. I would hope we can refocus on what truly matters – our fellow humans – instead of ourselves. Be human first. Be an American next. Be a nationalist never.

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