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Letter: Must consider race when teaching students

Letter to the editor FSA
We are part of The Trust Project.

We are failing to educate our young people and it will ultimately destroy us.

Public education has been under attack for years by politicians who want to make our schools educate in the way they want them to be educated rather than having a broad education that will prepare them for real life. That is why they push for private or charter schools that will indoctrinate rather than educate.

This latest issue of Critical Race Theory is very helpful to them to make sure people are afraid of learning the truth about our history. If you attempt to take race out of history, you are no longer teaching history because our nation was built on racism. We considered Native Americans as less than people to justify taking away their land and wealth. We considered black people not to be real people so we could justify slavery and we fought the civil war about what was basically an attempt to make sure black people could not take their place as real US citizens. We imprisoned Asian people because they were of a different race.

So, teaching these realities of history is critical for young people to understand where they came from and to be tolerant and empathetic to people of color which is a huge part of American culture. The United States was taught as a place where everyone had equal opportunity, yet our education system is being starved because we do not provide equality of education, as well-off districts and private schools get the funds to educate while there are huge swaths of this country where education for our marginalized population is being starved to death. We are in the process of creating ignorance in our children, who as they grow up will face a very grim reality.

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