Letter: Many children would love to have a parent

“Extreme.” This is a term that I observe to be much more used than in the past.

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“Extreme.” This is a term that I observe to be much more used than in the past. Among my liberal friends, of which there are “extremely” few, now there is the refrain that opposition to abortion is extreme. Strange. If one is opposed to the cessation of a fetal heartbeat and the removal of the fetus from the womb and its consequential destruction a benign act or lack of an act thereof, is considered extreme.

As a single male who never had or wanted children, I don’t have a dog in the fight. Children grow up to be adults, to which sometimes, I prefer dogs. I'm not a people person.

In some jurisdictions, if a gestating woman is murdered and the fetus is no longer viable, the perpetrator can be charged with a double homicide.Yet, at the same state of development, there are those who propose that the abortion of a fetus should be legal. And morally justified. Run that one by me, if you will.

Now from what I’ve said thus far, I’m sure there are blood pressures rising and conclusions being drawn. Extreme ones. Relax. I am not a delusional, religious nut whose ethics are based on theology. I’m an atheist. To me, religion is not relevant to moral conduct.

I am not opposed to all abortions. There are the “oops,” excuse me, accidental, pregnancies. There are cases of genetic and/or congenital defects. How severe. And there are times when the health and/or life of the pregnant woman is the issue – the latter open to objective, and sometimes subjective, interpretation.


Pregnancies as a consequence of rape and/or incest are not open to interpretation. I would trust that the integrity of the victim is not in question. If it is, abortion is more likely the best option. An unwanted child will not be well-nurtured in a hostile environment. However, nothing in this world now surprises me. Serendipity.

I find abortion clinics and fertility clinics to be paradoxical. Ironic.

There are many a child or youth who would love to have a parent. A good one. There are many a would-be parent who would love to have a baby or child. Think about it, if you dare. Nothing is for certain. How about some charity.

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