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Letter: Line 3 brings the opportunity of work

Letter to the editor FSA
We are part of The Trust Project.

While the Line 3 replacement project will be a much-needed update to aging infrastructure and the safest way to transport oil, there is another benefit it brings Minnesota that is often gets lost in the debate: the dignity of work.

A project of this size and scope is bringing an estimated 8,600 new jobs to our state – over 4,000 of these in construction. It gives those who have trained hard an opportunity to use their skills. It gives new workers a chance to learn a trade that will help them the rest of their life. It re-energizes local economies. It puts food on the table for families.

In a day and age where kids now consider “Instagram Influencer” to be a cooler job than “astronaut,” let’s take a moment to appreciate good, real, hard, meaningful work that gets things done and benefits us all.

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