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Letter: Keep the wild horses roaming in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The argument that the horses aren’t indigenous to the park is just ludicrous.

Letter to the editor FSA
We are part of The Trust Project.

The actions of Theodore Roosevelt National Park officials against the wild horses is just outrageous. If this was happening in the private sector, these people would likely be facing cruelty to animal charges. Park officials act like they have complete autonomy to do whatever they want to these horses.

The argument that the horses aren’t indigenous to the park is just ludicrous. The horses were there when Teddy was ranching in 1884, and the park was established in 1947 and only became a park in 1978. This is just a fallacious argument to justify culling the herds and permit the indiscriminate shooting of dominant stallions. Those roundups are a tragic joke and have resulted in the deaths of many horses.

The horses are probably a bigger draw to TRNP than the Medora musical (no insult intended) or the planned presidential library. They are a part of the heritage and culture of the state and are Legendary if anything is. You’d think the state department of tourism and the Governor’s office would be all over this. Why aren’t they?

I urge readers across the state to inundate the Park Service with opinions when the next two dates for public opinion are announced. These horses are an unrecognized cultural resource for North Dakota, and we need to do what we can to save them. When they are gone, they are gone forever.

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