Letter: Joe Biden should be focusing on the future of country

He will try once again to codify into federal law a woman’s so-called right to abortion.

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In a recent speech President Joe Biden vowed that the first bill he will send to Congress after the midterm elections will be to “restore Roe.” He will try once again to codify into federal law a woman’s so-called right to abortion. He made it clear abortion should be available for any reason up to the moment of birth. He calls pro-life Republicans in Congress extremists, when in fact his “for any reason up to the moment of birth” is the most appalling example of abortion extremism.

When he says he wants to restore Roe, he is lying, as Roe did not allow abortion up to the moment of birth. And what is most upsetting, Biden wants to sign his “restore Roe” bill into law on Jan. 22, the 50th anniversary of the flawed 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. This from a president who has said many times he is personally opposed to abortion.

The Supreme Court reversed an erroneous decision finding no right to abortion in the Constitution. Democrats have to find a new rationale to justify abortion so they want you to believe it is reproductive freedom and healthcare. Health is how we preserve a life. Abortion is a how we destroy a life. This is America’s “big lie.”

Abortion in the US is so extreme it is not embraced by any other civilized country other than China and North Korea. In fact, 47 of 50 European countries prohibit abortion after 15 weeks. When will America get on the right side of history and admit the true, evil nature of what abortion really is?

While many Americans are struggling with record inflation, Biden pledges to legalize the violent destruction of innocent unborn children – right up to the moment of birth and for any reason. What he needs to do is restore faith in our government and instead of restoring Roe, he should be working on restoring hope in the future of our country.

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