Letter: Government right to enforce quarantine

Letter to the editor FSA

Of the millions of words to choose from, I must only choose 350 on a topic of which I could not string enough together to properly express my emotion on the matter.

A recent letter published in the Herald caught my attention, not for the reasons of agreement; nay, I must state factual objections to this letter. In short, this letter expressed why, under our Constitution, it would be wrong and unlawful to quarantine, isolate, close, or otherwise protect our society from the awful virus known as coronavirus.

It is generally accepted that one who owns an object can use such an object in his or her own manner. It would be wrong for another, especially the government, to tell you what to use such an object for. If such is the case, then with such an object, say one’s car, they can use it as they see fit. This is fundamentally wrong. Are there not laws regarding speed and safety? Is not such true for the safety of society?

Why wait for tragedy to strike when it is preventable? In our region, we have the elderly, sick and compromised. While true this virus is not always fatal, why gamble and take the risk? It is not a matter of if we get this virus, but when and how bad. I can only hope and pray that we all do our part and keep not only ourselves, but others safe and healthy.

It is in everyone's selfish best interest to keep everyone healthy, which means not only staying at home, but following what our government recommends – not for one person, but for your person, your grandparents, parents, newborns and others, for their safety and health

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