Letter: End all trade with Communist China

The greatest threat to America and the free world is Communist China.

Letter to the editor FSA
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Wuhan Flu has killed six million people worldwide. This Communist Chinese plague has murdered a million US citizens and crippled our economy. Our politicians haven’t said “boo” to China about reparations. Our politicians put the man in charge of paying for the development of the virus (using your tax dollars) in charge of propaganda about the virus. Dr. Fauci and the other decision-makers at the NIAID that paid for the virus gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab should be charged with, at minimum, a million counts of negligent homicide.

Vaccine mandates look like a precursor – a “trial run” – of Mark of the Beast mandates, where no one may buy or sell, or hold a job without submitting to the AntiChrist. God bless Canadian and American truckers.

Russia – like North Korea – is in the back-pocket of Communist China. The ChiCom economy is 10 times as large as the Russian economy; and the only friend of importance Russia has right now. If you think Russia is being unfair or cruel to Ukraine, wait until Communist China “annexes” the island country of Taiwan. Remember, Taiwan is where the legitimate government of China fled when Chairman Mao’s Communist Revolution infested the Mainland.

The greatest threat to America and the free world is Communist China. China has managed to sabotage the American economy from the inside, to an extent never believed possible during the Cold War. This is because treasonous Communist Collaborators in our own government have paved their way; allowing — even encouraging — American companies to export jobs and manufacturing to a nation that has put suicide nets on the roofs to prevent employees from ending their misery on company property. We must end trade with Communist China. But it gets worse: Local politicians are misusing the power of taxation to bribe a Communist Chinese business to set-up shop right here. Grand Forks government has been sneaky and deceptive for as long as I’ve paid attention. Multi-millionaires get tax breaks while “just plain folk” carry their load, but I never thought City Council would stoop to giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

I would be proud to contribute to an organized group of Grand Forks citizens who will work to recall communist collaborators from Grand Forks city government.

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