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Letter: Don’t give up on the people of Afghanistan

The foreign reserves of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan belong to the people of Afghanistan – not to the Taliban-controlled Da Afghanistan Bank.

Letter to the editor FSA
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President Joe Biden has issued an executive order to confiscate approximately $7 billion from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's foreign reserves. Half of these reserves are being set aside as reparations to relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

I respectfully disagree with his decision because this policy would amount to recognizing the Taliban as Afghanistan's legitimate government.

If the Taliban were the legitimate government of Afghanistan, this confiscation would be completely legitimate. The Taliban are responsible for the Sept.11 attacks. The Taliban hosted al-Qaeda. The Taliban has been al-Qaeda's overlord ever since Ayman al-Zawahiri swore his oath of allegiance to the Taliban's pretended caliphate.

Let there be no doubt – the Taliban call their leader “commander of the faithful,” a term reserved for the caliph. And only the caliph. This proclaims their pretended sovereignty over all of humanity.

The Taliban conquered Kabul – not America. The United States Senate has never ratified President Donald Trump's catastrophic Doha Accords. It is doubtful the Senate ever will.


The foreign reserves of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan belong to the people of Afghanistan – not to the Taliban-controlled Da Afghanistan Bank. If those reserves belonged to the Taliban, then reparations would be entirely appropriate. Yet, since those reserves belong to the people of Afghanistan and not to Taliban usurpers, it is ordinary Afghans who should be getting that money.

The Taliban's policy is apparently to starve millions of Afghans to death for the purpose of blaming those deaths on the United States.

The war is not over. Their vile strategy must be parried.

I am on record as supporting the use of air power to drop money onto villages, towns and cities of Afghanistan. I stand by that proposal because it presents the best opportunity to ensure that the money gets into the hands of ordinary Afghans.

Let us not give up on the coming dawn. Let us not give up on the rays of truth that burn through the thick fog of the Taliban's reign of ignorance. Let us not give up on the people of Afghanistan.

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