Letter: Concerned about the direction of the United States

I am among the majority who are concerned about the direction of our country. However, my main concern is not about the economy.

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I am among the majority who are concerned about the direction of our country. However, my main concern is not about the economy. I am old enough to have lived through several cycles of boom and bust.

Here’s what I am concerned about:

I am concerned that we live in a country where blatant lies are touted and accepted as facts. I am troubled that the arts of civil discourse and compromise have been lost.

I am concerned that the right to abortion, which women have held for 50 years, has been overturned.

I am concerned that, by the same reasoning, it is only a matter of time before rights to contraception, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage will come under attack. (See Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion in which he took aim at these very rights; hear Ted Cruz’s comments on these rights to privacy.)


As I watch more frequent incidents of extreme weather, more frequent and more devastating forest fires, and the extreme drought in the southwestern US, I am concerned about the lack of progress in addressing climate change.

I am concerned that we have an inflation-fueling labor shortage (11.3 million unfilled jobs), a situation which could be eased by sensible immigration policies. Yet Congress has repeatedly failed to enact immigration reform. Even productive DACA recipients have yet to be granted a path to citizenship.

I am concerned about our increasingly gun-obsessed culture and the further easing of gun restrictions by the SCOTUS. We have devolved into a country where deadly gun violence can strike in every public space – schools, supermarkets, churches, workplaces, clinics, bars, theaters, concerts, parades, the streets on which we live and drive. Do we not have a right to live free from the fear of being gunned down? Congress repeatedly comes up short in passing meaningful gun controls – universal background checks, banning of assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and restrictions on where guns can be carried.

Finally, and most critically, I am concerned that the man who attempted an attack on the hallmark of our democracy – the peaceful transfer of power – has not yet been disqualified from ever running for public office again.

Yes, I am concerned about the direction of the country. The state of the economy is a transient problem and the least of my worries!

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