Letter: And in addition, Fufeng Group will get tax relief, too

Fufeng concerns

Letter to the editor FSA
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The Fufeng corporation says it will use technology to control environmental problems at their proposed plant when it’s built. I’m sure that high level of technology will also give them real time surveillance of the Grand Forks Air Force Base and Grand Sky testing of our latest drones, plus they also get the just announced Space Force mission.

All that and they get tax relief to do it with.

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We had the opportunity to attend the Roy Orbison Tribute Show on June 4 at the Empire Arts Center. What a beautiful and outstanding performance venue.
I know and agree that there are moral, ethical, and, perhaps, legal questions that should be asked about that, but then again, it is awful nice to see a “party leader” put their money where their mouth is.
“They took my guns,” a phrase never uttered by any gun owner that is legally entitled to own a gun. And never will be.
Many questions need to be answered