Letter: Address the truth about our planet’s natural world

Our planet’s natural world is facing the largest mass extinction event since dinosaurs.

Letter to the editor FSA
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Truth is avoided these days in a society steeped in various degrees of denial. But truth about the state of the natural world must be addressed. If corporations continue to spew out climate pollution, raze rainforests, empty our oceans of life and trash the planet with plastics, one million species could be extinct – gone forever within a decade. Our planet’s natural world is facing the largest mass extinction event since dinosaurs.

We could lose many great creatures like elephants, whales, tigers, turtles, rhinos and so many weird and wonderful creatures from the Arctic to Antarctica and everywhere in between, from the darkest depths of the sea to the highest mountain peaks found anywhere on Earth.

Companies can try and greenwash it all they want, but the bald truth is that corporate greed is killing the planet, responsible for deforestation, degradation and exploitation of nature.

And let’s be perfectly clear – extractive industries from fossil fuels to industrial agriculture are responsible for all this misery. Corporations have no heart and soul. They are all about stockholders and all about money.

But of course we are not innocent. The vast majority of us are reckless consumers and obsessed with acquiring things – cannibalizing the Earth.


In addition so many of us are media zombies controlled and addicted to tech devices, etc., and of course the “almighty” phone. Staring at screens, watching others and being only concerned with their group fills the hours of the day so removed from “out there” and Earth’s gifts and wonders.

Regain your self-respect and cease being owned by a machine, mired in passivity and accepting the role of spectator.

We need to come alive, get our hearts and souls active and return to be part of nature. Mother Earth needs each one of us to care, preserve and protect and get involved and support groups who are actively expressing love for the gifts of life.

In conclusion, from Earth’s Blessing by Jack Mahon: “May our grandchildren’s grandchildren share legends of when we brought about the end of the time of arrogance and waste. May they toss stones from shores hearing our names echo in the ripples.”

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