I have some health challenges that make life a bit more challenging. In this past year I have been the recipient of so many acts of respect and kindness. Grand Forks is the home of so many extra special respectful, kind, caring, helpful people.

Holding doors, carrying packages, lifting things down from higher shelves, emptying garbage, giving an arm of support, bringing food items. Actions speak louder than words. These thoughtful actions are priceless to those who are dealing with various health challenges allowing us to be interacting citizens. A gigantic thank you for making Grand Forks a really great place to live.

We don't hear nearly enough about people making a positive difference in our world. This Thanksgiving, many of us hope that all of you angels will know how your small acts of kindness will never be forgotten but held in my (our) hearts and memories.

Thank you.

Bonnie Cameron, Grand Forks