October marks the completion of the Line 3 pipeline project, and I think that is reason to celebrate. I have enjoyed hearing people talk about this project and recognize the massive impact it has had, and will continue to have, on our state.

For the past few years, driving around Northern Minnesota you would often see signs or banners at houses and businesses throughout our communities showing support for the Line 3 pipeline. Families showing their appreciation for the thousands of jobs and local economic benefits. Small business owners backing the new friendly faces around town on their way to a construction site.

And then in every paper, you can read stories from mayors, hotel owners, or local pipeline workers praising the Line 3 project and the widespread effect it is having on us all. From ensuring our environment is safe from future leaks or incidents, to investing billions of dollars into our state, this project is one for the record books.

At a time when so many projects are running into partisan roadblocks, it is reassuring to see a project of this scale be completed and with so many benefits along the way. The majority of our state and region understood how incredible the Line 3 pipeline project truly was and chose to celebrate it. And what a beautiful sight it has been.

Trish Grover Strain, Bagley, Minn.