There is nothing better than a project like the Line 3 pipeline replacement project. The benefits are countless, some of which will not be realized for years to come.

The impact on our workforce is one that should not be overlooked. Thanks to this project, there were thousands of workers hired, with most being from right here in Minnesota. This job prioritized working with our local unions and cleared out the union halls to add to their crew.

Additionally, Enbridge’s efforts to prioritize investments in Minnesota’s tribal communities is next to none. More than $300 million was spent through training and hiring efforts as well as in partnerships with Native American owned contractors. There are hundreds of Minnesota tribal members who now have valuable work training and new skills to benefit their lives for years!

At a time when many Americans lack the necessary skills and training for these sorts of trade jobs, we are lucky to have a better educated and experienced workforce which will serve us well for decades.

On top of this, more than $200 million was injected into Minnesota’s economy from this project, and Enbridge’s property taxes in our state will more than double since completed.

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The list of benefits from the Line 3 pipeline project go on and on, and we will be reaping the rewards for a long time.

Bruce Bjerke, Leonard, Minn.