In the past few weeks, we have received some good news and some bad news.

The good news: the Line 3 pipeline project is complete and oil has begun to flow! This pipeline was deemed in need of replacement nearly seven years ago after originally being built in the 1960s. Since then, Enbridge has exceeded all requirements, permits and necessary studies to get the project underway. And now, after all that effort and progress, Line 3 is operational.

The bad news: despite the pipeline project being complete, Line 3 protesters have pledged their resolve to remain at their camps and continue their disruptive and dangerous protests of this now functioning pipeline.

There are no other legal options available and no possible avenue for protesters to take. They have been defeated at every turn, with numerous courts and agencies siding with Enbridge and the pipeline project.

Yet hundreds of pipeline opponents seem to have plans in the works in their attempts to disrupt this oil pipeline and the important product it provides to our state.

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It is disappointing to hear that these protesters – many of whom are not even Minnesotans – are choosing to thumb their nose at the process and choose chaos over understanding and respect.

When will they accept the project completion, celebrate the good news and move ahead.

Sue Sims, Gonvick, Minn.