Three cheers for Christopher Dodson’s excellent and thoughtful response to Lloyd Omdahl’s recent and erroneous column regarding his views on the abortion issue.

I have often thought Omdahl’s columns to be trite and cliché on a number of issues and wondered why the Herald continues to give him space, especially since he has lost the name recognition he may have once had in our state.

Omdahl usually uses his column space to trot out overused arguments in an effort to stir the pot every now and again and to advance his left-leaning viewpoints. His articles are often filled with unverified blanket statements that rarely move the argument forward on any side. What’s more, he claims to have religious beliefs but uses them as a tool as if to say, he understands both sides of the argument, but those whose religious beliefs actually drive their worldview (on any number of issues) just haven’t come to the true light yet.

Kudos, Mr. Dodson, for taking the time to offer your well-researched, logical rebuttal to Omdahl’s softball column. The nugget of your article, that the concept of abortion makes a baby the enemy to his or her mother, is key. Loving the mother through a difficult time in her life and helping her to love her child (either in keeping her baby or in allowing a loving family to adopt) is where our focus should lie. So far, this has been the sole domain of our Bible-driven churches and similar para-church organizations. They aim to turn the tide of our death-driven culture which is bearing the fruit of increased violent crimes, mass-shootings, teen depression and suicides, etc. May God grant us a national repentance.

Kim Young, Thompson, N.D.