Partisan attacks on the motivation and character of pro-life Americans through ridicule, stereotypes or 1973-based sloganisms are common, repetitive and unfortunate. Rhetorical attempts to defend Roe vs Wade deliberately ignores a pivotal reality: overwhelming, irrefutable, substantiated science – knowledge of human life and growth before birth.

The custodians of Roe prefer a war of words, a battle of semantics within debate – to the exclusion of established science and the hideous methods that induce death. Unfiltered images of a “successful” abortion are prohibited, as are the images of a botched abortion survivor. Corporate news media continues to have a collaborative, highly partisan role in that effort as it bludgeons objective journalism into submission.

Too often, “license” is presented as a “freedom.” The license to own slaves or abuse a spouse was at one time an inconsequential “right” in our nation’s history. The almost 50-year-old license to kill a genetically unique, living human being before and during birth has no historic rival in scope (millions) and in its grotesque ignorance.

R.J. Ogaard, Crookston

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