The nice thing about being an Independent voter is that you are completely free to criticize either party, hence, this note on the wonderful job being done by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Lets see, hundreds of illegals pouring into the US across the Rio Grande and very few, highly outnumbered, Border Patrol agents trying to stop them. To move quickly, the agents are using horses, the horses themselves acting as a blocking force. As good an idea as that was, the footage I saw showed even that to be ineffectual. But it was an effort by those agents to do their job, the job they are sworn to do, and the job they get paid for doing.

That said, Mayorkas was "shocked" to see them use horses on a mob. Bear in mind that while the Grand Forks Police Department doesn't have a mounted unit, many cities do. New York has mounted officers for the simple reason they are effective, both in pursuit and using the body of the horse to move people where you want them moved. Somehow this fact has escaped Mayorkas, and he informed the Border Patrol to quit using horses. In my opinion, this means he disapproves of this effort, but the interesting thing is that, to my knowledge, he has ordered no alternative other than the unmounted standard of run and tackle, one at a time. This is necessary, as being in this country illegally is a crime. That's the "illegal" part that a lot of people would like to ignore. A mounted officer, trying to block entry to the US, is a more effective way of doing that.

I spent 38-plus years in this city as a police officer and had several occasions to work with patrol officers, from supervisors all the way down. I found dedicated people, wanting to do the job they swore to do, but being denied the means to do it by nonsensical guidelines. Seriously, I could tell you stories of what I saw, and what was told to me by others, about how government directives move their jobs from "difficult" to "near impossible," all of it hard to believe but unfortunately true.

I cannot imagine a more frustrating job in law enforcement, and one made even more so by this latest directive.

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Mike Flannery, Grand Forks