The obscene disaster known as the Afghan War has wasted trillions of dollars and cost thousands of lives including many innocent women and children. It has taken place during the past twenty years under Republican and Democrat presidents and members of Congress. They alone, led by the military-industrial-congressional complex, are responsible for this tragedy.

Read the book "Understanding the War Industry," by C. Sorensen, which explains in great detail how our nation has been captured by the war industry that profits from endless conflict and pursues profits at all costs. It should be required reading for all citizens and members of Congress.

This capture of our nation by the war industry has been facilitated by our political/governmental system, which has been corrupted by big money. Our election campaigns are dominated by the big money donations of the large corporations. Members of the war industry are among the largest donors to the election campaigns.

To rescue our nation from this capture by the war industry we must make it illegal to use private funds for election campaigns. Most of the money in election campaigns is used to pay for television, radio and internet time. We, the public, own the airwaves. They should be used for our benefit and not for the wealth of the broadcaster.

Therefore, we would ask our representative, Kelly Armstrong, who is a member of the congressional committee that oversees telecommunications, to introduce legislation which would require all broadcasters to provide free time for election campaigns as per schedules to be drawn by Congress to ensure equal time, etc., for all candidates. It seems appropriate for Mr. Armstrong to provide the leadership in the effort to rescue our nation from the war industry and restore our role as peacemaker, as he is the representative from the Peace Garden State.

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Monroe Pederson, Hatton, N.D.