Let's push politics out the door. Because it doesn't matter your voting affiliation: COVID-19 will still kill you. And as many who have survived will attest, long range effects are as bad if not worse than COVID-19 itself.

Our children (all grown up now), had to get all their vaccinations before going to public school. This is a preventative measure to help ensure their good health and the health of those around them.

Sure, they got colds and sniffles now and then, but COVID-19 ain't the sniffles, folks. So far more than 42 million total cases in the United States with more than 682,000 dead. Those are sobering numbers. Perhaps you'd like you or yours to add to these statistics. Not me! Stay away from me and mine.

You don't want to get the vaccine. You don't want your children to wear masks in schools. But you'll be the first to cry and complain when you or your child is on their deathbed with COVID-19.

But then, it's a little too late. All the “I wishes,” “I hads” and “Shoulda’s” are too late then.

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Asking a child to wear a mask is tantamount to child abuse now? Then don't have (or allow) your child to wear a mask or trick-or-treat. If you do, you should be arrested for child abuse. Oh, but that's different. Then they're having fun. But you don't want them to wear a mask to possibly save your child's life?

How simply asinine some of you people are.

Common sense is a commodity in short supply these days. I would only hope that some of you will go scratch around in your attics, closets or basements and find that common sense you've chosen to hide away.

But, for those who are selfish and don't believe in masks, I wish you well and hope you and yours fare better than the 682,000 dead. Burying a loved one because you think your freedom is invaded? Come on, be real, people!

Get your shots and wear your masks. I for one would like my few remaining years to be free of this constant enemy at my back.

Bill Hoffman, Hatton, N.D.