What is wrong with the people and 19 Republican governors nowadays?

Doesn’t anyone remember polio and how it was eradicated? We all got treatments in school. Ringworm was eradicated by everyone wearing a stocking hat and being checked in school with a blue light. No different than wearing a mask to protect everyone in school today.

The people who will not get a COVID shot are the same people who will not get a flu shot. You know them, they are the people who come to work with the flu and give it to other employees.

All the excuses for not getting vaccinated for COVID-19 are just plain stupid. The 19 Republican governors who refuse to mandate masks and shots are playing politics with the American people.

The governor from Texas, who has one of the states with the most COVID cases, stated the other day that the president’s mandates are dividing the American people. Sorry. The governors who are not asking people to get vaccinated and wear masks in school are playing with you and your childrens’ wellbeing and life. Do you really need to have someone you know or love die from COVID before you come to terms with the truth of the problems of COVID-19?

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Wake up to the truth and then COVID can be controlled.

Ed Jacobson, Grand Forks