The Grand Forks School Board made the right decision to require masks in our classrooms and other learning spaces this fall.

My family chooses to wear masks in public to protect ourselves and our community. But our personal choice to wear a mask is not enough. Numerous studies have shown that mask-wearing reduces the spread of COVID-19. Masks work through a combination of reducing the spread of the virus from infected persons and providing protection to a mask wearer. My family will continue to wear masks, but we also rely on everyone around us to also mask up to help protect us. This is particularly important for children like my two daughters, who are not eligible to receive the vaccine.

I urge the members of the School Board to stand by their decision to abide by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for preventing COVID-19 transmission in schools. Masking is a necessary part of keeping our children and community safe.

Cynthia Prescott, Grand Forks

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