Why are Minnesotans fighting their neighbors over foreign interests?

My family farms in North Dakota’s Walsh, Cavalier and Pembina counties. My spouse's family farms near Erskine, Minn. I would like to know why we are fighting over foreign business pumping China's oil through farmlands of North Dakota and Minnesota.

The oil for the Canadian company Enbridge’s Line 3 isn't for U.S. consumption, it is for China's. Canada has taken pride in the Alberta tar sand sales to China for well over a decade. It comes from Canada's west coast, and due to a Canadian law banning oil tankers on their west coast, it has to be shipped to the east coast, via a pipeline. That law was a consequence of the Exxon tanker spill decades ago.

Since Manitoba banned the pipeline going through their farmlands, the Canadian company through U.S. contracting companies paid off North Dakota and Minnesota politicians to allow it to go through our farmlands without concern of the impact it would have on our family farms.

Once on the east coast, via the Great Lakes, it is put on a tanker and shipped to China to get refined. The tar sands require special tech to handle the oil, and the only U.S. refineries that can handle this oil are the Koch brothers who own contracts to the Venezuelan oil which is a bit heavier than the Alberta tar sands.

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If you look at the four or five financial backers of Enbridge Line 3, the funds are coming from Chinese banks and businesses, which if you know anything about China, those institutions are partly owned by the Chinese government.

China is also on their way to taking those Koch contracts from Venezuela as noted from the Venezuelan President last month with the relations of China and Venezuela being pegged as sister countries. Why are we fighting our neighbors to promote the U.S. the greatest economic competitor? We need to put our family farms first which is our main economic staple and stop Enbridge Line 3. Be Patriotic, put America first!

Ernest "Joey" Oppegaard-Peltier III, candidate for US House MN-7, Bemidji, Minn.