It used to be heard mostly from those who had consumed too many drinks when they were cautioned that it might not be safe for them to drive:

“Oh, I’ll be all right.”

Now it’s a common refrain from those asked if they are concerned about their risk of being unvaccinated for COVID-19:

“Oh, I’ll be all right.”

Well, here’s the reality: It’s not just about you!

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While we’re talking about reality checks, here’s another one: Everybody who becomes infected with COVID catches it from somebody else. Do you want to be the one who passes this nasty virus to about six other people (as the Delta variant appears to be doing on average)?

Do you want to be the person who vectors the disease to a vulnerable senior citizen, a cancer or transplant patient, or a child who is not yet eligible to get the protection of a vaccine?

Hopefully not!

If you have concerns about your personal risk of getting the vaccine, then please talk to a doctor, or to a public health professional. They are credible sources of information, and moreover, they can consider your personal circumstances as you mull a decision.

But as well as yourself, please consider your responsibility to everybody else around you. The best way to achieve freedom from the grip of this pandemic is if everybody who possibly can gets their shots. And there’s a better chance that you’ll be alright too!

Jim Whitehead, East Grand Forks