Isn’t it ironic that the same week the Coal Creek coal fired power plant in Mercer County received a tax fueled buyout, the future Colfax solar 300mw project in Richland County was killed by two of three Colfax Township (population 330) board members.

Great River Energy, the present owner of the Coal Creek plant, announced they would close the plant because it lost $170 million in 2019 and was deemed unprofitable. It was bought by Rainbow Energy, a highly politically connected company. Rainbow will depend on 45Q federal tax credits and millions of North Dakota tax cuts and other dollars raided from the North Dakota Legacy Fund. The buyout feasibility is mostly based on an unproven method of CO2 sequestration called Project Tundra. They claim pumping carbon dioxide underground will be safe and effective. The problem with this thinking is that it’s unproven. It’s never been done on a utility scale.

Banks are running away from coal plants and other forms of carbon based energy. They will not invest. Great River could not find a buyer for the plant. Finally, the North Dakota Legislature came to the rescue. They’ve been convinced by the coal guys (big campaign contributors) that Project Tundra is the great savior for coal country. They believe saving a few hundred coal jobs is worth the billions the project will cost the taxpayer.

The Colfax solar project will be paid for by private investment. There will be millions of dollars paid to the land owners and thousands in tax dollars for the township, county and state. The annual tax dollars for the township is more than double their entire budget. This solar project will be built somewhere; the demand is there. Our neighbors want to buy solar energy. If Colfax doesn’t want the dollars it will bring in, someone else will gladly take them. This would be the biggest missed opportunity this township has ever, or maybe will ever, suffer.

The biggest complaint against the solar project seems to be aesthetics; it alters the rural appearance of the neighborhood. Have you driven by a coal plant and adjoining coal strip mine lately?

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Colfax is not an island. The township officers have to get out of there and see what is happening in other parts of the state, country and the world. The train is leaving the station Colfax; time to get on board.

Ed Gruchalla, Fargo