Lately I have been struck by the ignorance of Line 3 protesters. They claim to be against this pipeline because they want to save our environment. But it is clear they haven’t examined the evidence, which proves that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil.

Our nation and state still depend on oil in our daily lives, so transporting that oil is a must. Studies continue to show that transporting oil via pipeline is much safer than putting it on trucks or trains that travel on our roads and through our communities.

I’ll admit that yes, oil spills are possible. But what about the 4,000 trucks (daily) it would take to transport the same amount of oil. That would be 4,000 opportunities for horrific accidents on our roadways next to Minnesota families, every day.

The other option is trains. If Line 3 was not an option, it would require 10 trains with over 100 tank cars every day to transport the same amount of oil that the pipeline moves. That is an incredible number of trains with hazardous material traveling throughout towns and cities. In the past few months, we have seen a handful of train derailments in the Upper Midwest – just think what could have happened if those were carrying oil.

Not only do trains and trucks allow for more incidents that could be catastrophic for our environment and communities, but they also bring a large amount of carbon emissions.

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These pipeline protesters should answer the question: If Line 3 were halted tomorrow, do they support these dirty, dangerous modes of transportation that would be the alternative? Because, let’s be honest, stopping a pipeline does not stop the consumption and use of the oil it transports.

It is time to hold these protesters accountable and demand answers for their activities.

Mike Totleben, Hallock, Minn.