To the editor,

The truth about racial differences was thoroughly studied at some of California’s top universities when they came together to explore why people tend to not be able to differentiate between people outside their race, which the National Academy of Sciences published as “Neural Adaptation to Faces Reveals Racial Outgroup Homogeneity Effects in Early Perception.” Basically, the researchers concluded “that there was a tendency to see members of one’s own racial group as individuals and de-individualize members of other racial groups ...” which helps explain why the exploitation of racial differences is so unscrupulously used by politicians today.

Racism is not caused by hate, but rather tribalism. Hate is the symptom, which is much like what causes nations to go to war; it is based on perceived injustices. The war of independence was caused by what our founding fathers stated was taxation without representation. The Civil War was caused by the issue of states’ rights, basically the right of some states to continue the spread and practice of slavery.

The present strife between the races is not based on fact, it is based on political skulduggery. Democrats are using the issue of social injustice playing the race card to divide America, emphasizing perceived racial prejudice by police and systemic racism by whites in general. It is no secret that Blacks in the Democratic Party got Joe Biden elected, and almost everything he is doing is based on rewarding their perceived grievances regarding the past slavery and its aftermath, where former slaves were promised 40 acres and a mule as reparations.

Of course that was never a realistic expectation given the number of Union soldiers that died, the survivors of whom received no such promise from the government; and much like former slaves they, too, were cast adrift out of political expediency.

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Dwight Messner, Grand Forks