To the editor,

In opposition to letter-writer Keri Frantell’s rhetoric against Chick-fil-A coming to UND’s Memorial Union (Herald, July 3), I urge the powers that be to resist bowing to such cancel culture tactics.

The tolerance level of the general public toward this current cancel wave has soured over the past year. Their bullying techniques to shut down competing views are proving odious. They suggest the totalitarian controls seen in other countries rather than that of a free market society like ours where consumers (not a ruling class) direct the market by choosing where they spend their money.

My husband and I (both UND alums) often head to the Union when choosing where to eat in town because of the variety all in one place. There’s a reason Chick-fil-A is leading its market (see July 1 Herald, p.18) – it offers a unique menu served in a kindly, professional fashion. We urge the Union directors to resist the voices of the squeaky wheels in favor of their less vocal, but more numerous, common, everyday UND student who just wants good food at a fair price during the hour they have for a meal.

You’ll see that Chick-fil-A will be a real asset to your student offerings.

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Kimberly Young, Thompson, N.D.