A half dozen years ago, the Obama Administration reviewed the 60-year-old Line 3 pipeline and determined that it needed to be replaced. Since then, Enbridge held more than 70 open town halls, worked with our tribal communities, as well as state and federal agencies – leading to the Line 3 pipeline being the most studied pipeline in Minnesota history.

At the end of the more than six years of work and two dozen permits received, construction began to replace the Line 3 pipeline.

In December, construction got underway on the pipeline that covers 14 counties in Northern Minnesota. Enbridge has hired 5,500 pipeline workers who have spent the past seven months traveling to and from worksites and becoming a part of the communities they are working in.

Clearbrook is proud to have an existing station for the Line 3 pipeline and this new project will be adding a pumping station to this site. Because of these thousands of workers, our town joins dozens of others who are seeing an incredible economic boost thanks to this pipeline project.

We have more folks coming into our supply and hardware shops to purchase the tools and materials they need for work. We have men and women visiting our stores, eateries and bar that were hit hard after the shutdowns in 2020.

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I think people often forget about all that goes into a project like the Line 3 pipeline, and the impactful ripple effect they can have on communities and our state as a whole. We are beyond grateful for these workers who have become a part of Clearbrook and look forward to seeing the additional economic benefits yet to come.

Lucie Thompson, Clearbrook, Minn., City Council