There was a great letter in the Herald on Hank Aaron by Kenneth Shouler (Jan. 30: "Aaron is the real home run king"). I couldn’t agree more with Shouler. I’ve been a baseball fan since 1955. Aaron had tremendous arm strength. No one could hit like Hank and he was good defensively.

Baseball looked the other way with steroids. But unfortunately “it” brought baseball back: Willie Mays, greatest, 89 years old; Roberto Clemente, most exciting.

Hank was so consistent and durable.

Black kids moved to the cities, but played hoops, football. No room or cow pastures to play in. Former Major Leaguer Rickie Allen once said “if a cow can’t eat off it, I don’t want to play on it.”

Pitching is ruining the game, such as pitching changes every other hitter. Pitchers should face a minimum of three hitters. They talk about speeding up the games, but they’re too busy selling concessions and TV commercials.

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Henry Aaron, where are you now when we need you?

Ron Schmidt, Tolna, N.D.