Did the Grand Forks School Board really think through all the negative impacts their proposed elementary school consolidation plan would cause if passed?

A research study from the Journal of Urban Economics found closing neighborhood schools can decrease property values up to 9.9%. By reviewing city valuation and property tax data for residential properties within the Wilder boundary, closing Wilder could result in a decrease of approximately $13 million in residential property values. A decrease of this magnitude would result in a reduction of around $175,000 in annually collected property taxes, with less money going to the city, parks and even the school district. That’s a pretty negative impact for closing a school with the second lowest amount of deferred maintenance among the district’s elementary schools.

It’s clear this plan is not right for the north end of Grand Forks or the city as a whole. Vote no on June 22.

Gretchen Kindseth, Grand Forks

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