To the editor,

The best way to increase our economy is to invest in education, as per the famous economist T. Piketty in his book "Capital in the Twenty First Century."

President Joe Biden is calling for free community college for all in his budget proposal for next year (North Dakota is already doing well in this respect with our state university campuses, from Mayville to Jamestown to Dickinson). But the Biden budget proposal fails to reduce our huge military budget (it actually exceeds the military budget under the Trump administration) where the U.S. spends about 50% of the total expenditures of the world on preparations for war.

Over half of the Pentagon budget goes to private contractors with multi-million-dollar contracts for their CEOs and much more wasteful spending. It is time for Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer and all members of Congress to change our budget priorities and fund the needs of our people, such as health care, hunger and the homeless, rather than waste our money on weapons of war.

Monroe Pederson, Hatton, N.D.