Living in a small town, it is important that we support policies and projects that benefit our daily way of life. And in Hallock, one of our top priorities is protecting and advancing our farming community.

One doesn’t necessarily think of an oil pipeline as being something beneficial to the ag industry, but those are the facts.

Currently, because of the aging Line 3 pipeline operating under capacity, more oil is being forced to be transported on our roads and largely on our railways – both of which are far more dangerous to our environment and our citizens than a pipeline.

In Hallock, the railroad runs right through the middle of the town. If there were to be a derailment of a train carrying oil, that could be catastrophic for our community. The facts show that transporting oil via rail is nearly five times more likely to have a dangerous incident than transporting via pipeline.

Not only is it safer to get the oil off our railways, but it is important that we do it to make sure railcars can be used to transport our agriculture products. We must take steps that help protect and improve our farming communities here in Hallock and all over the upper Midwest. Today those steps are supporting the Line 3 pipeline project and the benefits and safety it will bring to our communities.

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Kendra Johnson, Hallock, Minn.