Mike Jacobs’ column, “April 17: What’s the Matter with Minnesota?” lists several reasons that a chasm of opportunity and security has developed between blacks and whites in that state. He mentions the “long history of redlining” creating divisions of neighborhoods by race, then subsequent demolition of vibrant black communities with highway construction.

You can see for yourself the absolutely shocking “race covenants” that listed accepted and excluded homebuyers in specific Minneapolis neighborhoods. Thankfully, this system of oppression is being brought to light through the “Mapping Prejudice” project at the University of Minnesota, profiled in the Twin Cities public broadcasting documentary, “Jim Crow of the North.” Both items can be freely found on the internet, and this week our local High Plains Fair Housing Center held a panel discussion and screening.

Thank you to all the fair housing advocates, volunteers and financial supporters who help ensure that our citizens have an equitable chance for safety and economic advancement – it benefits everyone in our community.

Kristen Borysewicz, Larimore, N.D.

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