Having family in the Grand Forks area, but graduating from a high school in Rose Hill, Kan., whose mascot was (and still is called the Rockets), I read the Grand Forks Herald article: "Minnesota school's 'Rebel' mascot to change after petition compares it to Confederate soldier" (April 3 issue).

It seems to be that society has gone overboard with people being offended at the least little thing. In reality, I think most 2-year-old children can be rebellious, or a rebel, but I don't make any comparisons between either normal toddlers, "the troublesome twos," nor a school-mascot with any soldier, yet alone the now defunct Confederate States of America which surrendered 165 years ago.

With my own school having the mascot of the Rose Hill Rockets, I tend to think more of NASA's Houston Rockets, either the Apollo moon rockets or the sports team bearing the same name. I don't envision rockets, as in rockets launched from Beirut, Lebanon.

I wish grown adults could holster their thin-skinned trait of being offended over nothing. If this nation is to heal, let's try to refrain from over-reaching and playing the victim card of being offended. Mascots, in a school-sporting context, are simply catchy nicknames to cheer on. Let's be more complimentary.

James A. Marples, Longview, Texas