President Bresciani, North Dakota State University, defends the university’s ties to Planned Parenthood and states it is a matter of “academic freedom.” Bresciani demands the university receive state funds offered to the higher education challenge matching grant program, despite the North Dakota Century Code, which prohibits state entities from partnering with an abortion provider and the abortion lobby.

Bresciani states he will not bow to “political pressure.” It appears the president needs a reminder that he is not a legislator nor are NDSU administrators above the law.

In 2019, 89 legislators signed a letter, which asked for an explanation about ties between Planned Parenthood and NDSU through the “Safe Spaces” course offered to K-12 grade teachers.

The sex-education curriculum for elementary-aged children contains graphic drawings of female and male anatomy and covers topics such as sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral and anal sex), abortion and homosexuality.

What is the reason NDSU is so fixated on promotion of the abortion industry and their materials that promote exploration and experimentation of sexual activity? It is the last thing our school-aged children need.

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North Dakota citizens do not want tax dollars flowing into the largest abortion providers in our country nor do they want Planned Parenthood’s sex-education materials influencing our youth. It is embarrassing that the president of NDSU chooses to act like a king and ignore the law given through our elected officials and signed into law by the governor of our state.

Linda Thorson, Edinburg, N.D.

Thorson is director of Concerned Women for America.