I'm greatly encouraged by Mayor Bochenski's recent State of the City address. Mayor Bochenski and the city have done a great job balancing freedom and safety during the unprecedented year. It is my hope for the future we can move to bigger visions and goals.

Of great interest to me from his address to the city was making our community "a great entertainment and experience hub." Among those things mentioned – a children's museum, indoor turf facility, BMX track, destination park, aquatic center and even a tech-learning center.

From the retail shops closing, we are left with these amazing large buildings where, to cue the movie "Step Brothers," we can do so many activities!

As someone who's hosted adult flag football the last four years, as well as being involved in our local semi-pro football team, the MinnDak Titans, I can assure you a full-sized indoor turf facility would be put to great use year-round.

For example, as long as I can remember, Grand Forks has been a big soccer community. It is always great to see children and their families filling up Bringewatt Park playing soccer every summer. Then there's youth football, of course and our semi-pro team.

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I also saw East Grand Forks is looking into bringing an indoor turf facility, and that's great news. Most outdoor sports in our community are greatly restricted through our cold, 40-below-zero winters but that can change in a hurry.

Just an hour south in West Fargo/Fargo/Moorhead, we have fantastic, robust examples, such as the Rustad Rec Center and Tri-City Indoor Facility, that prove this can work.

Grand Forks has plenty of stores, banks and restaurants but could use more recreation options. Bryan Lee and his team at Northern Air Family Fun Center have given us a great test of what Grand Forks can be – "a great entertainment and experience hub!"

Mike Peterson, Grand Forks