I look at North Dakota politics and the Republicans desire to protect the right to carry weapons anywhere they want, the right to not have to wear a mask, the right to support a lie about our election to justify a mob attacking the capital of the United States, the right of the fossil fuel companies to continue to foul our environment and the right to suppress voting rights to everyone. All these rights will contribute to someone possibly dying and overall inequity, but it is what they want and because we are a one-party state, it is what they get.

Yet the right to live as a LGBTQ and transgender person are not a right that they want to protect. The right for a woman to decide about their reproductive health is not a right they will protect and indeed, they work tirelessly to infringe. Mask wearing has shown to contribute to mitigating the virus and assuring that my health is protected, and mandating masks was the right thing to do to protect North Dakotans, yet they feel their personal freedom is more important than my health.

It is hypocritical to say that a given right is only to be protected when it is the right of white straight men who do not care much about science or equity.

Norton Lovold, Bismarck

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