I totally agree with Forum Communications Co. columnist John Bender on the assessment of our two North Dakota Senators (Feb. 17 online column: “History will render verdict on the cowards”). I have been a Republican since my very first vote (about 58 years ago). I even voted for Trump in 2016. But the things Trump did and said made me think that I had made a mistake. Then after his statement that, “He didn’t need a military briefing, because he was a very smart man,” I knew I had made a mistake.

Now the GOP is just thinking as a bloc and not as representatives of the people. I lost a lot of respect for our congressmen after the first impeachment vote. But now I have no respect for them after the second time. How could they not see that Trump was responsible for the deaths of at least five people? And all the injured and damage that ensued? Our senators are just empty suits, voting whichever way the boss tells them to, and not thinking for what might be right.

Roger Mattern, Grand Forks

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